the MARCH photo gallery…

A photographer asked me to do a test shoot for him the other day and it made me laugh. Now that’s not to say I’m the world’s best physique model and I don’t fuck shoots up here and there. But I am a pretty kick ass physique model who’s done many shoots and the only thing I usually fuck up is working with the wrong photographer. Having said that, I have worked with some of the best, genuine, beautiful, giving, creative and ALL absolutely talented photographers in the last 12 months.

I have a core group of artists that I can call upon now when I want to get an idea outta my head and on your retina’s. (Some that I also consider mates. That’s Aussie for friend not fuck buddy.)

There’s two ways a photographer chooses to work with me. The first and for the more established (not always!) blokes they approach me with an idea or we come up with something together, we shoot, and they give me what ever images they want me to have. 

I say, not always, cause even some of the world’s most renowned photographers agree to work with me a second way. Like the first, we collaborate on an idea, or most likely I approach them with one of my many crazy ideas, we shoot and we both get all the images. They can do what they want with them and so can I as long as it’s used for our own personal use and all that that entails.

I go away and do post on the pics, crop em, manipulate them and at times completely change the look or theme. I always send them an example of how I’m butchering their painstaking work.

I am about to release the March Showing Off photo gallery for my web site’s members and the end result has become my favorite shoot that I did while I was in the UK last year. I think these images are fucking amazing! Don’t tell Simon Barnes that. He is the incredible and humble photographer who took the images. Check out his work at; . I sent him a hand full of images as soon as I had finished doing post on them and I never got a response. Several months later while I was in Barcelona I ran into his side kick and mentioned it. He looked at me with a, “Now, how do I tell Rogan what I need to without offending him.” look. I started laughing. It’s very hard to offend me. Apparently the images were nothing like what Simon had ever envisioned them to ever be and when you compare the images on his fb page and these I’ve attached, the difference is pretty apparent.

We have since talked about it and he made a few jokes and was fine about the whole thing, he was just unprepared for the direction I took. I did tell him I wanted to do a “dark” shoot so I feel I gave him fare enough warning.

Anyway, thought I’d give you this behind the scenes story. Enjoy the images… 

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