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these peeps dont realise or dont care that they fk with my business.

@eagle_leather #thursday image #roganrichardswearseagleleather

@eagle_leather #thursday image #roganrichardswearseagleleather

May have lost almost 10kilos from that FKIN chest infection/flu (Abs r looking better for it!!) but I’m still the MAN! aka the FLEX!

May have lost almost 10kilos from that FKIN chest infection/flu (Abs r looking better for it!!) but I’m still the MAN! aka the FLEX!

Reverse #mirrorlovin #becauseican because I have big #pecpuppies

Reverse #mirrorlovin #becauseican because I have big #pecpuppies

HELLO BCN! with my bestie @jostarrr someone say, “PHOTOSHOOT!”

HELLO BCN! with my bestie @jostarrr someone say, “PHOTOSHOOT!”

#daddyflex is gone. He’ll be back when I get back 10kilos… U can call me RO-RI !

#daddyflex is gone. He’ll be back when I get back 10kilos… U can call me RO-RI !

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#photographybyroganrichards model Mike Hannon. (D BOY)

#callout to this amazing, creative man who’s sexy as ALLFK! @mister.kiki NO ITS NOT ME!!! It’s Veles, Mr Kiki if your nasty… Part 1/3.

#callout to this amazing, creative man who’s sexy as ALLFK! @mister.kiki NO ITS NOT ME!!! It’s Veles, Mr Kiki if your nasty… Part 1/3.

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My respose;

It is impossible for me to hate any of you for having a negative opinion about me as I am an advocate for owning your “TRUTH” and the freedom of choice. To choose who we are, who we love, what we want to do with our lives and in the case of this thread who we don’t like. People like me who put ourselves out there like I do, open ourselves to criticism. You can’t gain the love without the hate.

But one thing I won’t allow is people blatantly hiding behind their anonymous web names and stating incorrect facts about me. So lets cover a few of these.

1. First, which I find extremely funny since I’m Anglo Indian to the point of black in certain, times of the year, or places of the world, is that I’m a racist.  Again, if any of you twats actually knew anything about me and COME ON! It’s not like I make it difficult for you guys to see what I’m all about – the self-proclaimed media whore that I am! You would know my best friend is Asian and I have several African-American close friends and um… my families Indian!

Some one with a low grasp of narrative English states this paragraph as evidence that I am a racist;

"… and I get seated with all the other ethic people who I guess Americans think look dodgy. No white folk here guys."

This was a factual observation about who the USA customs were bringing into the room.  In case you can’t read properly, let me emphasis  “I guess Americans think look dodgy.” I’m Aussie.

2. Second, I’m still HIV negative.

3. Thirdly, I do not glorify the use of steroids, I admit to using them. Turning a blind eye to its use in the bodybuilding world and saying it’s wrong to young kids and leaving them with no room for communication or to educate themselves about it, is not helping anyone. Misguided, they will sneak behind your back and use it and, that, my ignorant people is how accidents happen. Prevention is no longer the solution. EDUCATION is.

Someone even quoted me saying;

“Gear is like a tattoo. Once you get one and get a “good” one that looks amazing you want more - so once you do a course and you get amazing results it becomes a vicious cycle that never ends. For some of us 3 months on. 3 months off.”

But, of course, left out the previous paragraph that said;

“I remember what a trainer at the gym I worked at told me when I asked him for advice when I was considering using for the first time and doing research.” “his advice was, “Don’t do it.” I didn’t really understand why he said this at the time and he never explained it to me but I understand now.”

I then go on to comparing steroids like a tattoo addiction – perhaps English isn’t this person’s first language, so you’re forgiven for not understanding that I have actually painted its use in a negative way. Socially the word “Addiction” has a negative connotation to it. Just like the word “vicious.” Notice I didn’t use a positive adjective here.

This git then posted this.

“In the MEMBERS BLOG section of my web site I will be going through past failures and success stories while giving you a detailed document of the next 14 weeks while I start my 5th course of steroids and take my body to 95kilos+ territory. My workouts and methods, visual and written, my diet and of course supplements what I’m taking down my throat and in my bum.”

My response remains the same;


That’s why I write these articles, if they help a kid think a little bit more I’ve managed to do something positive towards him treating steroids better than just mindlessly experimenting.

FIRST and NO BUTS! Go get a complete check up before you start a cycle and then again once you finish one. Blood levels, organs ect. And tell the doctor you are doing steroids.


4. Now the fourth is more of an accusation BUT it pissed me off. A cunt said I think I’m better than everyone else. Firstly the ironic thing here is all you people, by judging me, are holding yourselves above me to pass out judgment.


noun, plural hypocrisies.

1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

3. an act or instance of hypocrisy.

Secondly show me a post, film (… and YouTube clips where I flex my massive arms and say things like, “You wanna lick this muscle don’t you, you pathetic faggot!” is called muscle worship, a sexual fetish that I am asked to perform and I post clips like these to advertise my business. I’m a prostitute remember? We provide fantasies.) photo shoot, artistic project or anywhere, where I have “EVER” claimed to be better than another human being. You can’t.

And please don’t confuse the fact that I am completely comfortable with myself, my body and what I do, as being above anyone else. Yes, I completely love myself and if all you people did so as well - this thread wouldn’t even exist.

I don’t expect to change one person’s negative views about me on this blog. I assume they will barrage the thread after me with posts, somehow finding ways to state, what I have written, justifies their views even more.

So why bother even acknowledging this? Why bother even writing anything?

Well, unlike these people, if noting else I am consistent and the reason I write all my articles is incase a young impressionable youth stubbles upon this and decides to take a read. They need to know not every homosexual is bitter and cruel and not withstanding with their false opinions and slander about others that might not adhere to their way of thinking.

Some of us just do what we do and say it’s OK to be you.

This is the FLEX! aka ROGAN RICHARDS, signing out.